Tools to find your project

We are excited to introduce Max Muller, who recently joined Sure But How. He will be creating an online tool to easily find your way to make an impact.

A while ago, Max started to collect interesting societal projects, initiatives and websites on his own website lonysa. This is a bit similar to Sure But How: a random collection of exciting stuff on The Internet and Beyond about societal issues. Have a look on his ‘links’ page, it’s interesting scrambled eggs. A handful of Effective Altruism to effectively do good, helping refugees in Europe (Love Europe), countering extremism (Quilliam), and the fun, but confusing website Quora for answers to ALL questions. Ever.

Max has done quite a bit of societal action himself. He helped with the biggest ocean cleanup ever, wrote articles about sustainability at, and founded De Gebroken Bubbel: a newsplatform that gives you news from two opposing viewpoints to broaden your horizon.

Now Max is going to develop a (flowchart) tool on Sure But How to help you find a project, movement or activity that you can do/join to make a difference. How can I do something in field X, in place Y, for time period Z? Or so. Hopefully it makes it easier to find practical solutions that you can do, which suit your interests. Similar tools already exist, such as the Global Priorities, but we missed clear suggestions for action. 

A big welcome to Max and you’ll soon find the tool on our website.