Save food, save the world!

What do you do with your leftovers? Do you still eat something that is expired?
These decisions can make a difference! Sure, buy why?

Our food production is consuming a lot of energy and resources, and each year about 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption is wasted (United Nations). We are used to an excess in food and a large variety of products in our supermarkets. But this way of consumption leads to high energy losses and resource exhaustion. The amount of food wasted in the rich countries is about as much as much as the entire food production of sub-Saharan Africa (United Nations)!

Many initiatives are active in fighting food waste, and you can join! First, you can reduce food waste at your own house. By eating leftovers, using the food that is in your fridge before buying new products and learning how to deal with expiry dates. Expiry dates are written on almost every product we buy. But this ‘best before’ date does not always mean that the product is not safe to eat after this date. Most of the time the product can be consumed a lot longer, in some cases just the quality or taste has changed a little bit. Even fruit and vegetables with small bruises or molds can still be consumed after cutting these pieces off. To learn more about the meaning of expiry dates, read this and to check how long you can actually consume your products, download the FoodKeeper app.

Next to saving products at your own place, you can also help to save products from the supermarket, restaurants and even hotels! With the Too Good Too Go app, you can buy mystery boxes from different stores and restaurants in many cities in Europe. After buying the box via the app, you can pick up this batch of food at a time slot shown in the app. You never know what you will get, since you’ll receive anything that is left of the day but expect tasty and fresh food! If you are not using the app, you could consider to buy the products at the supermarket that are almost expired. The supermarket will throw it away, but you know that it’s actually perfect for consumption! 😉

If you are a lazy cook or like to go out for dinner, you can also go to the restaurant Taste Before You Waste in Amsterdam. This restaurant, run by volunteers, cooks every Monday and Wednesday with food collected from supermarkets that’s not sold anymore. The restaurant works with ‘pay as you wish’ to make this three-course menu available for everyone.

Good luck and enjoy good food!

I will now make Kimchi of my leftover kale….