Collectief tour

Surbuthow organized a tour of events to show the documentary Collectief, a short movie about sustainable living in Sweden made by Sven and Myrte.
The first two events were a great success with lots of inspiring talks and discussions.
Here is a short summary of the interesting people and organizations who presented at the events. So be ready to be inspired and in case you want more,
come to our next event in Worm in Rotterdam at the 20th of June!

The first screening of Collectief took place at a very special place, the Kaskantine. A urban farm cafe where you can eat & drink, save food at the small market and learn to live self sufficiently. Menno, the owner of the Kaskantine, showed us their aquaponic systems and worm farm, which you can also build yourself!
We shared ideas on how we can connect citizens again with farmers, something Myrte and Marten from MOMA are dreaming about.
Surbuthow of course also offered a HOW at the evening! Our own Max created the Sustainability CompassĀ to make it easy for you to find the right place to boost your ambition to make a difference.

Last Monday, Collectief was shown at Pakhuis de Zwijger (thank you Pakhuis for the great evening!). Next to Surebuthow, many other organizations showed their ideas and experience with living in a community. We got inspired by the new community De Warren, who designed a building with 50 people, for 50 people, to live together at Ijburg in two years! We learned from Bildung foundation that living in a community takes effort and time but they do a lot for their neighborhood as well.
We did not only look at others but also heard how we could start our own community, starting small with a few friends or neighbors, to collect your organic waste and convert in into compost with a lot of worms! This time, Rowin, Le Compostier, showed his beautiful worm farms.

Got excited about the tour? Want to see the documentary Collectief? Come to our next event at Worm Rotterdam at the 20th of June. More information will follow soon but expect a lot about food and urban farming. We hope to meet you there!