Five completely random world-changing tips

This is a chaotic collection of things that I stumbled upon. They’re all about changing the world in one way or the other, and they’re all worth a read or a look. Enjoy!

1. How To Let Go Movie

This website offers a great variety of tools for action. I like the diversity of it; there’s something there on more or less any topic. And it is cool that you find direct action points and ways to follow initiatives.

Filmmaker Josh Fox made the documentary How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, wherein he researched the question: What is it that climate change can’t destroy? Apart from the documentary, you will find action points in 10 different themes (under the tab “Take Action”). For instance: “Invite all your neighbours and friends over for dinner” or: “Invent a new type of community gathering and organize it.” These action points lead you to other platforms that will help you realise your idea. From the linking of creative communities (Kickstarter) to finding inspiring stories of your interest (StoryPilot). You can also find a Toolkit for organising your own screening of the documentary – which of course will also be an instant house party. There is SO. MUCH. COOL. STUFF. in the world!

2. Make a Forest

Make a Forest was a project in the 2011 Year of the Forests, organised by the UN. It started with the question: Can one artificial tree make a difference locally, and can many trees make a difference globally? It is an inspiring collection of design/art projects and initiatives from all over the world revolving around the beauty of trees and forests. There’s tons of inspiration here.

3. A Statement on Design for the Real World

This manifesto is the change-making perspective of young designer Judith Leijdekkers. It’s a bunch of clear points to think about when you want to change the world with the project you’re working on. Talking to my friends about Surebuthow, I discovered that one of them had already written a complete article about the topic! Feeling a bit guilty for not having read it earlier, I found it very inspiring to hear clear tips on how to approach future projects from a designer’s perspective. Judith’s manifesto provides ideas on how the world of design can help you change the real world. Instead of designing an IKEA chair, some people are working on designing social change. Turns out that we can all be a bit of a designer!

4. Project Together

When you go to this website, the first thing you see is: “We believe you can change the world!” (okay, you need to switch from German to English first). Well, that sounds hopeful! This organisation believes that every person contributes proactively to society. They help young people who want to create social change realise their ideas, connect to others and they facilitate working together. Managed by volunteers, they also provide free coaching, will help you set up a network and participate in existing projects. Very useful.

5. Forest Man

How can a small daily routine have large impact? Indian photographer Jitu Kalita discovered a hidden forest on the Indian island Majuli. It was made by a man named Payeng, who has planted one tree every day since 1979. It is inspiring to see how a person can have a large impact with small but persistent actions. By planting a tree every day for almost 40 years, he turned sandy soils into forest and provided new space for wildlife.

“At first, planting was very time consuming. But now it’s much easier because I get the seeds from the trees themselves.” – Payeng, the Forest Man